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Documentary Films

Documentary films

The Creator house is a very reputed production house, which helps in making documentaries. If you have a great idea for a documentary, want to make your school project on the documentary, and need help from an experienced filmmaking crew, then the TCH is the perfect choice for you.

Basically, the documentary is a term, which is used to describe a non-fiction movie that in some way "documents" or captures the real things. These are often used to reveal an unusual, interesting, or unknown angle.

We, documentary filmmakers, usually called documentarians, are generally motivated to make documentary films because we feel a particular story or viewpoint is not covered by mainstream media. Usually, documentaries are 30-minutes to 2 hours in length. Although, documentaries are often shorter in length, especially in recent years with the advent of the Internet and web video.

Why choose us

We, the creator house or the TCH, are the best Film making company in Delhi and Noida. We always have provided films on issue-oriented documentaries & real stories and development communication films. Our award-winning films have covered multiple issues Such as child abuse, the oppression of women, some burning social issues, and many more. We have the perfect technology and all people are very talented, that have allowed us to have worked in almost all geographical regions of India and also overseas.

We, the Creator House, have an expert team, and all the team members are very talented and perfectly trained. We are the best Documentary moviemakers in Delhi and provide the best work.

This house is also an organization, which is fully equipped with all capabilities of production in-house. Apart from the latest, most up-to-date suite of equipment in-house, our team comprises a healthy mix of all groups.

The variety of topics that may be covered in the documentaries is growing each year. Apart from this, there show up new facts and events suitable for discussion from different angles. The number of this type of company is also increasing incredibly, however, but not all of them can be proud of their success. Besides, not all documentary production companies have enough budgets to produce movies that are more often doomed to fail at the box office. Although, in such cases, there is a constant struggle between the audience and the film companies. TCH produces documentary films on various issues. Each of its issues is sensational. It creates a great mark on the minds of the people. People really love to see this type of movie.


These days, people generally wish to see something new and innovative. Something that can touch your mind and also be very realistic at the same time. TCH production house also produces films that are very appealing and touching. If you are looking to see a film, which is very realistic and nice then it is best to watch films that come under this production house. But now, the time has been totally changed to a great extent. Let’s see and hear something new.

We just told you about the best documentary films makers in Noida and Delhi- TCH. They are best at making documentary videos.