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Creative Branding Solutions - Three Old School Methods to Branding

Creative: Creative is an adjective and by definition it means to be unique, thinking out of the box, doing something your way!
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Branding from The Creator Production House: Branding is a noun and is a process by which your company becomes known to consumers for a combination of reasons. Those reasons include the facts that your product or service are uniquely superior to the competition, even though they may not be. An example is that I've had much better hamburgers than the ones you get at McDonald's.

However, those places where I've enjoyed a better hamburger didn't have the sales numbers of any single McDonald's location because McDonald's has done a phenomenal job of branding themselves. Next word...

Branding Solutions : Solutions is also a noun and by definition is an answer to a challenge in your business, period.

Now when you break it down it's pretty simple that in order to have Creative Branding Solutions you need to think outside of the box, and through the process of assembling creative ideas you will arrive at solutions to your Creative Branding.

Now there are different approaches to the process and I like to think that classic solutions can be just as affective as the tech solutions. So, here are three old school methods to branding your company.

1. How many restaurants do you go to that have paper place-mats or maybe want to use them to save on wear and tear on their tables. Get your logo, slogan, product or service of some paper place-mats, distribute them to restaurants for free and you have an instant captive audience.

2. T-shirts. Inexpensive to buy in bulk. Put your logo on as many plain or colored t-shirts as you can afford to do within your budget. Offer a free t-shirt with the purchase of your product or service. People love free stuff and you've created walking advertisement. While people walk and wear your logo around town on their free t-shirt you are branding your business.

3. Key chains...everybody has keys. How about putting your logo on a nice key chain and again, giving away the free key chain as a premium offer when someone buys your product or service. Same as #2 above, instant mobile branding!

4. So, hang on. Now that you've got some Old School ideas, you need to team up with some experienced professionals to help you make these creative branding solutions come alive.

5. Making a business opportunity profitable for you is all about marketing. Choosing how to market is crucial and educating yourself on how to market is the secret to success in any business.