Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos

Social Media - Video and Social Marketing Via YouTube!

We need to be innovative with our marketing resources!

If you are going to take on Social Media on your own, you have come to realize that money is not usually the barrier that separates the want to-be's from the uber successful. What can separate you from the pack you ask?

Velocity - According to Technoratti, thriving bloggers post 7 times more than their less successful counterparts.

Engagement - get into the social media mix. That is going to require time on your part if you are going this alone. So...not only do you have to answer comments on your blogs, but you need to be a part of the community by participating in areas outside

of your posts/comments. YouTube and Vimeo are good options to showcase your business! Did you know that as a search engine, YouTube gets more searches than Yahoo? And that it is only second to Google in overall searches? How many other sites are going to reward you with close to 80 million registered users who are continually looking up stuff for fun and information.

Don't be afraid to post thinking you will be lost in the shuffle!

It is true that there are approximately 150,000 uploads a day and you may not get all the exposure you want. But here's what I think are some overlooked facts:

It only takes 1 viral video to get you the type of exposure that you couldn't afford elsewhere.

It is not only easier to subscribe to your YouTube channel than it is to other subscription offerings, but your visitors are more comfortable in doing so.

By and large, people are more likely to come back to their YouTube (or other video sharing site) subscriptions than to your page. As such, fans I believe are easier to come by.

People are much more likely to watch a 3-5 minute video than read a 500-1,000 word post.

Video provides a great way for you to engage with your customers!

So provide your customers value by giving them information, but still having fun. Think I am wrong? Look up Blendtec up on video for a great demonstration of combining both. Their videos generate millions of views and thousands of comments...per video!!!

The Creator Production House - We want to hear how you've used videos in your social marketing!

I am interested in hearing your success stories using video for your social marketing campaign! Do you have other tips or tricks that you can share to get higher visibility? Point us toward your video and tell us how it worked for you.

Are you interested in how to use social media in your business? Don't know where to start or which sites you should be using for your business?

Believe it or not, not doing social media videos can actually harm your business.